The mission of Olleke is to (re)connect people with an imaginary world, to inspire people that imagination encircles our colourful universes, by giving them an immersive experience and commited brand dedication.


  • 2002 Olleke started Jong & HiB publications and familyowned bookpublisher In Den Eenhoorn
  • 2002 Olleke became a partner of the copyright society SOFAM in Belgium
  • 2003 Olleke started olleke.be as a fairy, treelore and witch information website based on previous publications and workshops
  • 2003 Olleke recieved the inclusion award from Equal Opportunities Agency in Flanders
  • 2004 Olleke published four books about inclusion of transgender and LGBTQ teens. One got distributed to all secundary schools as an educational tool
  • 2008 Olleke gets the position of Art DIrector LGBTQ+ magazine in Amsterdam (4 years)
  • 2012 Olleke company was founded in Bruges
  • 2012 Olleke brands Kabouterpers and Fairy Collection added to our trademarks
  • 2013 Olleke opened a magical brick-and-mortar shop in Bruges
  • 2015 Olleke rebranded the wizarding online store to desprookjeswinkel.be
  • 2016 Olleke expanded to Terneuzen, Tongeren, Zaandam and Maastricht with shop-in-shops
  • 2016 Olleke started the Eities non-profit organisation
  • 2017 Olleke organised the first cosplay event Toverschoolbanket in the Belfry of Bruges
  • 2018 Olleke created the brands Guilty Please Emporium, Emma Meijer and Alterhero
  • 2019 Olleke started Drukklaar.be the online printservice
  • 2019 Olleke shares a warehouse in Sarasota, Florida USA and warehouse in Poole, UK
  • 2019 Olleke formed two new companies: Olleke, the Netherlands based in Sluis and Olleke Ltd London in Covent Garden
  • 2019 Olleke opened a 150m² store and 100m² storage space in Sluis, the Netherlands. We closed the shops in Tongeren, Terneuzen and Zaandam
  • 2020 Olleke partnered up with UK suppliers. We opened the Wizarding online store with products shipped from the United Kingdom
  • 2021 Olleke opened shops in Uithoorn, Echt, Nunspeet and Brasschaat. We closed our shop in Sluis and opened a second shop in Bruges.
  • 2022 Olleke relocated the Dutch office to Amsterdam and relocated the UK warehouse from Poole to Preston
  • 2022 Olleke started a Wizarding newspaper on tv- and film related merchandise
  • 2022 Olleke opened shops in Ouddorp, Koudekerk aan de Rijn
  • 2022 Olleke wins the W&W Retail Award and SNT Winner in the category Sweets with the recipe ‘Chocolate Frog Freakshake’
  • 2023 Olleke publishes the Happy Potter Cookbook in English, Dutch and French. Perfect bound, Case Bound and digital
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